If I don’t see one damn penguin…..

Well here we are day 3 in Antarctica, battling bad weather.

Yesterday we spent most of the day trying to get close to Deception Island.  We could easily see it in the distance but the winds weren’t in our favor so we sort of hung out for most of the day hoping the winds would change course.   The captain even turned the ship around a few times and tried to inch in closer.  With the winds this strong the biggest concern is that one of the glacier floes could actually be blown too close to the ship and cause damage.   For a few hours in the late afternoon we even experienced some light snowfall.  Last night we went back into the Drake Passage heading north and hit the same rough seas we experienced on Sunday.   I’m not sure where we are today but I awoke to calmer seas and what looks like sunshine trying to break through the clouds.    It’s bad enough that I’ll disembark this ship without a tan…but if I don’t see at least one damn penguin there is gonna be hell to pay!!!

I’m just sayin’