This video blog has taken me 2 days to upload because the internet connection in Antarctica is really slow!!!  I did see a whale today, but still no sign of a penguin…

Tomorrow we head towards Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands.

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  1. Hi Lee, Brian and Vlado….it certainly looks beautiful, even if you haven’t seen a penguin!!! I can only imagine how much ginger I would have had to consume on those waters! 🙂 Enjoy and keep the pictures coming!!! xoxo

  2. That is so breathtaking! I love these blogs!

  3. Hey Lee,Love the blog feature of your web site! I am coming to Florida with Joanne in March. Look forward to seeing you then if not before. Flying to LA tonight. Joanne was just here to see a big Chick Corea Tribute concert I played. We had fun! Glad your piano player on board is working out. I can’t imagine how stressed you must have been. Well, have a safe trip. ENJOY!!


  4. wow! looks incredible, enjoy with lots of success and adventures x

  5. i am enjoying your journey very much

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